The future of ship building

Rauma Marine Constructions and Seymour Consulting organized a hackathon event where participants envisioned the future of Finnish ship building. The event was held in Rauma shipyard 1.2.2018.

The event brought together ship building professionals and local partners from six different organizations and engineering students from seven different schools. The aim was to strengthen RMCs employer brand, develop a new culture for working together and envision the future and ways of working of the industry.

The goal of the hackathon event was to map how crucial megatrends will affect the industry and how those challenges can be solved. The groups developed a wide range of concrete measures, ranging from utilizing VR technology to developing ways of bringing schools, students and future employers together and building a joint project management and communication system for all organizations in the ship building network.

“Working with Seymour has been a very positive experience. The people at Seymour are adept, inventive and efficient. We are extremely happy to continue working with Seymour in the future and we strongly recommend their services to other companies as well."
Ainomaija Kylänpää
RMC Finland Oy